Mark Marino: An Education That Adds Up

Faculty, Adjunct Professor

Mark Marino


February 9, 2016

Mark Marino: An Education That Adds Up


by Michael Schiavetta

When Mark Marino teaches statistical methods at Adelphi University, the whole world’s a classroom.

From the West Coast to the Caribbean to Africa, his students bring unique global perspectives into his courses. It’s the ideal collaborative learning environment for Adelphi’s online M.S. in Healthcare Informatics program as they enjoy flexible course schedules to help balance work, family and other commitments.

“Online instruction represents a new educational arena that engages an entire world of learners who appreciate its great convenience and potential,” Marino said. He enjoys playing such an active role in this dynamic, technology-based curriculum.

“Accessibility is key,” he added. “For working professionals, it’s not always easy to get to campus. An online format gives students anywhere in the world the chance to experience a quality Adelphi education.”

The master’s degree program in healthcare informatics is a great way to prepare for management and leadership positions in the rapidly growing healthcare industry. Coursework includes organizational behavior, information systems, data analysis and other areas that build the skills needed for rewarding careers in government agencies, private practice and medical research.  

Professor Marino had taught older students at the community college level for years before joining Adelphi in 2009. A published author on topics that include computer literacy and cooperative learning, he was drawn to the University’s online programs and digital learning tools—and its strong academic legacy.

“Adelphi has an outstanding reputation as a prominent leader in higher education,” he said. “I’m happy to be part of its one-on-one online program that benefits students in the field of healthcare informatics.“

His online teaching experience stretches back a decade. Learning resources, he notes, have come a long way since those days.

“When I started out, everything was done over email and shared screens,” he recalled. Today, his students can access Adelphi’s library database from any computer, as well as share ideas and communicate using Adobe Connect, Skype, Web X and other interactive software. The best part? These learning tools are all free and easy to use.

Professor Marino works closely with each student to ensure they understand how to incorporate this software into their homework assignments and group projects. “I walk them through the resources available and set clear expectations,” he said.

Along the way, working professionals have an opportunity to put classroom theory into real-world practice.

“We look at what data can tell us,” said Professor Marino, who holds an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a graduate degree in mathematics education from SUNY Buffalo. “Students analyze trends and find ways to improve healthcare in general. For professionals already working in the industry, this is a great opportunity to interpret data they receive on the job in a more meaningful way.”

With an interest in numbers, he enjoys teaching students how to implement mathematical concepts and devise practical solutions—and seeing that bulb over their heads light up every time a lesson clicks.

“Each semester, students bring a new set of challenges and opportunities to connect,” Professor Marino said. “I enjoy working to help them meet their goals. It’s very rewarding to have a job like this.”


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