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Joyce Ostrowski (née Hollister) '46




April 24, 2012

Joyce Ostrowski (née Hollister) '46



Professional Career:

Joyce Ostrowski (née Hollister) '46 with classmates on the lawnMs. Ostrowski grew up on Long Island in New York. After Adelphi, she married her college sweetheart, a doctor, and had three children. Today, she is an artist who specializes in enamels, silver-smithing, and oil painting and enjoys writing her memoirs.

When and why did you first want to become a nurse?

I graduated high school in 1943, in the midst of World War II. All plans we had for the future were put on hold. My twin brother, with whom I’d planned to go to college, entered the service. I decided I wanted to serve the war effort as well and enrolled in the Cadet Nurse Corps at Adelphi. It was a five-year nursing program condensed into three years due to the urgency of the war, and I was a member of the second class of 20 students.

Do you have favorite memories of your time at Adelphi and your residencies?

Joyce Ostrowski (née Hollister) '46 with classmatesMy time at Adelphi was a wonderful one. The nurses were all excited and eager to begin our work. We shuttled back and forth to our residencies every day by bus and we all lived together. We used to make time to meet the young doctors and medical students on the tennis courts (which is where I met my husband!). I also remember Eleanor Roosevelt visiting campus – it was such a beautiful day.

Of all the amazing women I met, I remember Miss Montag as a very practical person and Dean Ruth Harley, who was just extraordinary.

What advice would you give to today’s nursing students?

There are so many opportunities available to you today that were not there for us. Take advantage of them.  

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