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Alexander Klotsche ‘17: Eager to Care–and Lead

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Alexander Klotsche


October 26, 2017

Alexander Klotsche ‘17: Eager to Care–and Lead

by James Forkan

Alexander Klotsche ‘17 has just begun his career of helping patients in hospital and emergency-care situations and he’s already set his long-term sights on becoming a chief nursing officer at a hospital.

A couple of things inspired Klotsche to pursue a career in nursing and emergency care. “The first was during my time as a volunteer EMT for Huntington Community first aid squad [on Long island],” he said. “I’d have direct contact with emergency room nurses and they’d say how much they loved the profession.” He also was inspired by his father’s friend, a male nurse. “He had spoken to me about nursing, the options it offered him and how it had been the best decision he made.”

After applying to several nursing programs, he chose Adelphi. Why? “Because of its reputation—and I really loved the campus.” Another factor: his parents are Adelphi alumni—John Klotsche, M.S.W. ‘79, and Lori Klotsche, M.A. ‘98 in Special Education.

Klotsche has started his nursing career at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, New York, where “I will be working as an R.N. in a stepdown/ medical surgical unit.”

Klotsche has already mapped out his future in nursing. He plans to work as an R.N. for a few years, he said, before going back for his masters of nursing. “I want to get my M.S.N. in nursing and healthcare administration.”

During his Adelphi years, he engaged in several activities, most notably the Adelphi University Student Nurses Association (AUSNA)—becoming its president in senior year. Klotsche calls the AUSNA “the best choice I ever made, [one that] helped me grow by learning to network and do public speaking.”

Another Adelphi experience stands out in his memory. Speaking at the Nexus Building ribbon cutting in front of faculty, alumni, students and visitors, he recalled, was “an amazing experience. I never imagined an opportunity like that when I started at Adelphi.”

He added, “I was even interviewed by News 12 before the ceremony, which was unexpected and exciting.” That, however, is not his only media exposure. He and the Huntington Community First Aid Squad were featured on the cover of the February 2017 EMS World magazine.

Klotsche also was featured in Adelphi’s recent online video promoting the Nexus Building. He said, “Nexus quickly became my favorite building on campus and a social hub.” More than that, he said the Nexus simulation labs give students a competitive edge in the nursing job market. “As I begin my nursing career at Weill Cornell, I feel I’ve practiced common scenarios that R.N.s face in the field.”

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