Our Faculty

Meet the individuals who are moving the field forward.

The faculty of the College of Nursing and Public Health are accomplished researchers, passionate teachers and tireless advocates for healthcare issues.


Philip Alcabes

Patrick R. Coonan

Anne Peirce

Jane White
Associate Dean for Research

Associate Professors

Esther Judith Ackerhalt

Christine Coughlin

Diane Dembicki, Clinical
Director of M.S. in Nutrition Program

Margot DeSevo

Patricia Donohue-Porter
Director of Ph.D. Program in Nursing

Maryann Forbes
Chair of Adult Health Nursing

Stephen Holzemer

Marilyn B. Klainberg
Chair of Family, Mental Health and Community Systems in Nursing

Andrea McCrink

Ditsapelo McFarland

Edmund J. Y. Pajarillo

Maureen Roller, Clinical

Yiyuan Sun

Arlene Trolman

Joan Valas
Chair of Graduate Studies in Nursing 

Assistant Professors

Marissa AbramClinical

Deborah Ambrosio-Mawhirter
Chair of Nursing Foundations

Stefni Bogard, Clinical

Jacqueline Brandwein, Clinical

Charles CalClinical

Nancy Cole, Clinical

Margaret Cox, Clinical

Patricia Facquet, Clinical

Akhtar Ghassemi

Yvonne D. Gray, Clinical

Beth Heydemann, Clinical

Clarilee Hauser
Visiting Assistant Professor

William Jacobowitz

Elizabeth Lee

Seonah Lee

Shan Liu

Wei Liu

Karen Mancini, Clinical

Maria-Pilar Martin

Teresa Mascitti, Clinical

Deborah Murphy, Clinical

Janet Raman
Director of PATH Program

Kenneth C. Rondello

Bayla Samter, Clinical

Tonya Samuel

Margaret Silver, Clinical
Director of R.N. to B.S. Program

Debra SwensonClinical 

Thomas Virgona

Susan Zori, Clinical

Full-Time Lecturer

Ulrich Rosa  

Senior Adjunct Faculty

Joseph D’Angelo

Patricia Dolan

Janet Hand

Judith M. Greenberger


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p – 516.877.4510

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