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Master’s in Nutrition Program Outcomes

Upon completing the M.S. in Nutrition program, you will…

  • Acquire an understanding of nutrition science for health promotion and disease prevention and will be able to conceptualize, implement and evaluate individual and population nutrition health interventions.

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  • Demonstrate knowledge and application of basic principles and methods of nutrition health research to advance scientific knowledge of the health of individuals and of populations.
  • Articulate and advocate the values and ethics that distinguish nutrition as a cohesive field of practice and inquiry.
  • Plan and execute programs or research initiatives intended to advance the public’s nutrition health and awareness on the local, national and international levels.
  • Communicate effectively and appropriately with diverse groups of professional colleagues and public constituents.
  • Locate, assemble and critically analyze data, information and knowledge resources.
  • Provide leadership in creating and implementing programs and policy that promotes the ideals of nutrition health.
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