Retention Requirements

Adelphi’s retention requirements for undergraduate students.

  • All students must successfully complete the required science courses and lower division nursing courses to progress to junior status in the nursing program.
  • The standard of performance required in the College of Nursing and Public Health is C+ or higher in any nursing course. A grade of less than C+ (77 percent) in any nursing course is unacceptable for progression in the nursing major.
  • The final grade in any nursing course that includes a clinical component consists of two parts: nursing theory, which is letter graded, and nursing clinical laboratory, which is graded pass/fail. The failure to attain a P in the clinical component will result in a grade of F for the entire course.
  • If an unsatisfactory grade is received in a course that includes both a nursing theory and a nursing clinical laboratory component, both the theory and the clinical portions of the course must be repeated.
  • Students who receive a grade of C or lower in one nursing course will be placed on probation and given the opportunity to repeat that course. A course may be repeated only once. A concurrent or subsequent failure to earn a grade of C+ or higher in a nursing course will result in the student’s removal from the nursing major.
  • All science and nursing foundation courses are prerequisites to the clinical courses. All nursing courses must be taken in sequence. Any student earning an unacceptable grade in a nursing course must repeat that course and earn a satisfactory grade before continuing in the nursing sequence.
  • Any student whose performance is deemed unsafe or who proves to be irresponsible, untrustworthy, unethical or unprofessional will be dismissed from the nursing program.

Non-Nursing Courses

Grades obtained in all non-nursing required courses will be reviewed at the end of each semester. The acceptable grade in all science courses is C+. A grade of less than C in all other non-nursing courses is unacceptable. Students who earn an unsatisfactory grade in any non-nursing course will be placed on probation and given the opportunity to repeat the course until a satisfactory grade is achieved. Failure to obtain an acceptable grade in any non-nursing course may mean that the student cannot continue in the nursing sequence. No required course may be taken as pass/fail.

Medication Calculation Exam

Completion of the medical calculation examination is a requirement for entering the clinical setting.

    • For Fundamentals of Patient Centered Nursing Care (NUR392)
      The medical calculation exam will be administered during Pharmacology I (NUR388). To pass, the student must achieve at least a 90 percent on the exam. Any student who fails the exam the first time must complete a remediation assignment and wait a minimum of 48 hours before taking a makeup examination.

      It is the responsibility of the student to obtain a medical calculation card as proof of passing the exam and present it to his/her clinical professor prior to giving medications in the clinical setting. A student who fails the medical calculation exam must withdraw from three courses:  NUR392, NUR388 and Integration Seminar I (NUR390). The student will be financially responsible for all three courses.

  • For All Other Clinical Nursing Courses
    The medical calculation exams will be administered via computer in the Nursing Resource Center prior to the first day of classes. A pre-semester exam schedule with a list of exam dates will be posted on Moodle.

    All students are expected to complete the exam by the Friday before the beginning of the semester. A 90-percent passing grade is required to administer medications in all 300-level nursing courses and a 100-percent passing grade is required to administer medications in all 400-level nursing courses. If a student has not passed the exam prior to the start of classes, a limited number of testing slots will be available. All students will be required to show their results to the theory instructor on the first day of class and to the clinical instructor on the first day of clinical. Any student who fails the exam the first time must complete a remediation assignment and wait a minimum of 48 hours before taking a makeup examination. Any student, WITHOUT EXCEPTION, who has yet to pass his/her medication calculation exam before the first day of clinical, will be unable to attend clinical for that semester. All corequisite courses to the clinical course(s) must also be dropped.

Any student who fails the test twice must attend mandatory remediation sessions in the Learning Center.

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