Patrick R. Coonan, Ed.D.Patrick R. Coonan, Ed.D.
Dean and Professor (on leave)
Nexus Building, Room 349
p – 516.877.4511
e –

Elaine Smith, Ed.D.
Acting Dean
Nexus Building, Room 347
p – 516.833.8181
e –

Jane White, Ph.D.Jane White, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Research
Vera E. Bender Professor of Nursing

Nexus Building, Room 345
p – 516.877.4599
e –

Deborah Murphy
Interim Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs
Nexus Building, Room 346
p – 516.877.4525.
e –


Maryann Forbes, Ph.D.Maryann Forbes, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Adult Health
Nexus Building, Room 314
p – 516.877.3597
e –

Marilyn Klainberg, Ed.D.Marilyn Klainberg, Ed.D.
Chair, Department of Family, Mental Health and Community Systems
Nexus Building, Room 321
p – 516.877.4570
e –

Deborah Ambrosio-Mawhirter, Ed.D.Deborah Ambrosio-Mawhirter, Ed.D.
Chair, Department of Nursing Foundations
Nexus Building, Room 316
p – 516.877.4538
e –

A. Hasan Sapci, M.D.
Chair, Department of Allied Health
Nexus Building, Room 317
p – 516.833.8156
e –


Margaret Cox, D.N.P.
Director of M.S. in Adult/Geriatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner
Nexus Building, Room 367
p – 516.833.8169 
e –

Diane Dembicki, Ph.D.Diane Dembicki, Ph.D.
Director of M.S. in Nutrition Program
Nexus Building, Room 322
p – 516.877.4522
e –

Patricia Donohue-Porter, Ph.D.Patricia Donohue-Porter, Ph.D.
Director of Ph.D. Program
Nexus Building, Room 353
p – 516.877.4532
e –

Irene Auteri Ferguson Irene Auteri Ferguson
Director of Nursing, Manhattan Center
Coordinator of Extension Programs
p – 212.965.8340 x8366
e –

mpmartinM. Pilar Martin, M.D., M.P.H., MHSA 
Director of Master in Public Health Program 
p – 516.877.4528
e – 

Janet Raman, Ed.D.
Director of the Accelerated B.S. in Nursing Program 
Director of R.N. to B.S. Program
Nexus Building , Room 334
p – 516.877.4529
e –

Yiyuan Sun, D.N.Sc.
Director of Nursing Administration and Nursing Education programs
p – 516.877.4564
e –

Thomas J. Virgona, Ph.D.Thomas J. Virgona, Ph.D.
Director of M.S. in Health Information Technology Program
p – 516.877.4516
e –


Letizia Andrasick
Administrative Assistant
Nexus Building, Room 244
p – 516.877.4520
e –

Dale DeBacker
Administrative Assistant
p – 516.877.4543
e –

Jodi DiGennaro
Director of Administrative Affairs
Nexus Building, Room 343
p – 516.877.4549
e –

Kathleen Dooney
Offsite Clinical Placement Coordinator
Nexus Building, Room 338
e –

Bernadette Fitzpatrick
Administrative Assistant
p – 516.877.4526
e –

Frances Gallina
Learning Resources Coordinator
Nexus Builidng, Room 272
p – 516.877.4510
e –

Kathryn Lang
Coordinator Suffolk County Nursing Programs
Adelphi Sayville
p – 631.851.6984
e –

Joanne Maldonado
Senior Student Relations Specialist
Nexus Building, Room 331
p – 516.877.4596
e –

Rosemarie Napolitano
Administrative Assistant for Undergraduate Programs
p – 516.877.4527
e –

Kelly Nicholson
Coordinator of Quality Assessment, Regulatory Affairs and Alumni Outreach 
Nexus Building, Room 318
p – 516.877.4557 
e –

Krystal Ortiz
Administrative Assistant
Nexus Building, Room 370A
p – 516.877.4540
e –

Diane Petrouskie
Director of Learning Laboratories
Nexus Building, Room 257
p – 516.877.4539
e –

Roxanna Raffa
Nursing Coordinator, Hudson Valley Center
e –

Nicole Schmidt
Senior Student Relations Specialist
Nexus Building, Room 320
p – 516.877.4533
e –

Sandra Tummolo
Executive Assistant to the Dean
Office Manager

Nexus Building, Room 350
p – 516.877.4511
e –

Maria Vazquez
Administrative Assistant for Graduate/Ph.D. Programs
p – 516.877.4530
e –



For further information, please contact:

College of Nursing and Public Health
Nexus Building, 3rd Floor
p – 516.877.4510

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